rank being reset multiple times

Ive got lvl8 3 times legit then it resets me to 1 again…, -Yoink- this dumb game

I wouldnt worry about your level until things are fixed. I am sure everyone will probably be reset to 1 anyway.


I woulk like to get my 50 already…

Not to mention there is a glitch out and you can get level 50 in a custom game in less than an hour. They are going to have to reset it after they fix that anyway.

Oh wow…

Besides… I know you want to earn that 40+ rank with a game that people can’t blame loses on engine issues… right there with ya

Yeah… just dissapointing when i had a group to get our 50s thisweekend

Also with the frequency of 3v4s and 3v2s in ranked and pary splitting, its likely a full reset will be coming. I heard somewhere they werd resetting every 2 hours, dont know how true that is though