Rank balancing

I wanted you to warn that there is a serious problem of balancing in classify. Seriously how do you want a player who has a good level to stay in this game? classifying each time I have 2 people, who are doing 0-15 and who have just started the game.

In the end being a champion is not about playing strong players, it is only about having a team of people who have just started the game.
It becomes really discouraging in the long run …

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Yea i agree the ranking needs some serious work
Like i was unranked in doubles and after one good game Im matched against to Onyx lvl players

Halo 5’s old. It’s no surprise that ranked games are going to be unbalanced when it doesn’t have the population to consistently provide near-equal matches for all ranks. I imagine Infinite won’t have this problem, at least not for a while. They might have a better system in place, and coupled with being a new game will probably have a good population for a while.