Rank Armor Unlocks.

People in the forum have gotten their hands on Halo 4. That’s a given.

I’m not sure if it’s clear to talk on THIS particular subject, but when do certain armor sets unlock?

How long until I unlock EVA? And how easy is it to level?

I’ve been waiting for that news, but I’m pretty sure I’ll HAVE a copy before someone decides to talk about it, considering people are busy quarreling over numbers and gigabytes and whatnot.

Sorry to hear that. Anyway, armor is unlocked in many ways (Some may take a while), however, you do not have to buy them once they are unlocked like in Reach.

Helmets are unlocked by any of the below…

  • Upon reaching an higher SR level
  • Completing Commendations
  • Waypoint Goals
  • Certain activities (Classic Mark VI Helmet by beating Campaign on Legendary Solo)
  • Achievements

I’m not sure about specific helmets, but that’s what you have to do in general.