rank announced?

i guess in the achievements the ranks were sort of announced which if i am right im kinda dissappointed. our new ranks are SR1-SR50? there where achievements to reach SR5 and SR20 in matchmaking which i can only guess is our rank which i can see SR stands for Spartan Rank and then your level number woooo…

Just be happy we even have ranks

its not very creative after 4 years of working on the game

I like it. Seeing as spartans are plentiful enough now to be even be their own military branch, I see no reason as to why they shouldn’t have their own ranks. Plus, its short, simple, and to the point, as well as unique(compared to very other FPS that uses private, corporal, major, etc.)This is pretty damn good if you ask me.

Now the real question is if these ranks are those named for skill-level(trueskill) or the progression ranks. It makes more sense to be the progression ranks but the simple 1-50 could just be our new skill-level with 2 letters in front.

Thats for the Spartan Ops rank system, I’m presumming.

Can we just wait until more information is released about the ranking system before making assumptions?

One pick I saw a Major Grade 2 on somebody’s rank. So maybe they are two different things or SR-20 is a Captain. Something like that.