Rank and matchmaking issue

Please help!

I have played 10 games for each of the multiplayer game types and been ranked in each. For most modes I have been ranked as Bronze. That’s great because I’m not very good!

However, for SWAT, I have mysteriously been ranked as Gold. No idea how that happened, but what I do know is I get well and truly destroyed every game in that mode because I’m matched with people that are way too good for me. It’s not much fun getting thrashed and finishing last game after game, its not fun for my team mates either because I’m dragging them down and causing them to lose too!

I really need to have my rank in that mode lowered or reset. If not, SWAT will effectively be out of bounds for me. I gather that nobody gets demoted, ever, so I will be ruled out of that game type forever!

Would really appreciate some assistance here.

Would someone from 343 Forum Team please reply on this?