Rank 4 to 1 after a win in Halo 2: Anniversary

So me and a team of 3 just beat a team of 5 in halo 2 anniversary playlist and i was rank 4. Usually after a win the rank either stays the same or goes up 1.

After the match ended the “Connecting to game” or whatever it said popped up in the lower right hand corner of the screen and said i had been disconnected after the match had ended and the game report appeared.

I am now back to rank 1, which is upsetting because i try very hard when i play to win games in order to rank up because that is what halo is all about!

I’m sure this is because of the server issues but im still pretty mad that this happened.

Hopefully someone has some insight into this or can explain how the ranking actually works.

Hello, spacedublin

Sorry to hear about losing the rank. It’s not only you who this has happened to. I was a rank 9 and was dropped to a 2, then got back to rank 6 and was dropped to a 3. 343 Have stated they will be resetting all player ranks once the issues have been resolved, in the meantime I would recomend keep playing to win as when all is fixed you will be one step ahead of the rest of us! We are all hoping that come wednesday all will be resolved and we can all grind out that 50.