Randoms Rage with Vehicles

Im not sure if its just me or anybody else but I ALWAYS have atleast 1 if not more idiot randoms that have to stand on top of my tank. It happens almost every game too. Why do noob randoms insist on standing on the scorpion? Then they go 1-35 too. They will literally chase the tank down to stand on it. If I had a wraith, id gladly splatter them and get booted.

Most frustrating thing ever. Make a freaking shield that prevents teammates from getting near my vehicles. My last game I had 3 different idiots all chasing my tank around on Ark trying to stand on it while shooting their AR’s across the map… What are you even doing? I ended up going 42-8 while the other 3 randoms that loved my tank so much went:


Why? Do you really enjoy playing a 21 minute match standing on a tank going negative and dying over and over by snipers?

Well people can be stupid. I understand though if the gun is being operated and people want a free ride or are trying to protect the tank.

It annoys me but at the same time i think of them as extra help. How many bullets or rockets hit them instead of your tank and helped you get those extra kills or extra time in the tank? Let them do it as long as they’re not trying to melee you or something dumb. I for one wish tanks had the option of people riding on the treads in multiplayer

You’re annoyed people are standing on your tank?

You’re saying these are people who don’t even use the turret, they literally just stand on the tank?

I don’t understand why anybody would even want to do that, you might as well just put a waypoint on the map saying “Focus fire on me please.”

I understand your pain. I always use Scoprions in WZ and there’s always some who hitchs a ride. I mean come on! At least use the turret and make yourself useful.

The only time this annoys me is when they allow me to get boarded, and don’t kill the boarder in time, and my scorpion goes boom.

now you have some guards! the only problem is their AI efficiency is “Easy” level

i dont mind people doing it. just only it really pisses me off when they stand directly on the top of the scorpion blocking my line if sight for the cannon. ive been boarded many times that way because some random was blocking my line of sight while a enemy was coming down that very direction that i couldn’t see.

Stand on the back treads. but for the love of god stay off the tanks Central turret you create a blind spot for them.