Randoms Get Outta Here!! (Slayer Gameplay...Onyx)

Today’s Video: Randoms Get Outta Here!! (Slayer Gameplay…Onyx)
Everyone gets randoms but you just have to power through and play! Cool double kills and solid gameplay Onyx gameplay!

What's Up Okraheads!Halo Okraheads here (Onyx) bringing you a new YouTube Channel (Halo Okraheads Halo 5 Guardians) featuring Halo 5! Can't wait to share great gameplay and tips along the way! First video is out! I love Slayer and mainly play that! I usually play solo, which is super challenging in Halo 5. Enjoy!

Focus of Channel (Halo Okraheads Halo 5 Guardians):

  • Slayer Gameplay - Gameplay Tips - Solo Slayer Gameplay - Breakout - Warzone - And more Slayer!