Randomly banned?

I just went to the dashboard after a game of oddball refused restart after someone left. When I booted Halo 4 back up again, I received a message saying I’ve been temporarily banned from using voice or something for a week.

Odd thing is, I rarely ever talk, and when I do it’s in xbox live party chat. Today I haven’t even had a xbox mic plugged in, I’ve been talking on skype with my buddies all day. What gives?

This happened to me too just now, and I don’t even HAVE a headset, which is why it’s laughable. Just now happened in a Big Team Infinity game. Weird indeed, seems like their mods are going online and are apparently ban-happy picking random people out. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of it either, lots of people are claiming to have been banned for doing nothing. Guess that’s what happens when you give certain people power. IF they only knew that I don’t even have a headset, then they’d probably realize how much time they’ve wasted lol.