Random Weapons

Anyone know where this setting is in custom game settings? I’ve looked and cannot find it. I even looked at the settings of fiesta and still couldn’t work it out because it says to spawn with an AR…

You have to select the fiesta game mode. Sadly it isn’t an option to have a gun set to random (as of right now), the fiesta variant just gives you random weapons automatically.

Side note, in the game mode customization it will say you start with a AR/pistol, but you won’t actually. Just test it out on your own to see.

Yes thanks for the input. I had a custom in my own to look around torque and the intro Cam I had a fuel rod and spawned with a caster and dmr. I’m really disappointed by this as I had made a pretty good remake of meta raid and now I can’t make a husky raid gametype

I hope they fix it so it can be set as an option, I have a few custom games that need it :confused: