Random weapons and vehicles needs to go

I can’t stand not knowing where specific weapons spawn in quick play, going for a BR and there is a commando there, going for a mangler and there’s a plasma pistol.

Powerups are random and vehicles are as well in BTB.

Randomness is really not fun at all.


I would like the Disruptor to not exist at all. That’s a random spawn that could be better used as a Mangler spawn. I could say the same about Commando and Ravager, but those actually were good in the last beta flight, but 343 nerfed them for no reason. If they were unnerfed, I would actually use them again. I don’t mind the randomness. It messes with people’s strategies, adding a bit of chaos to equal starts. People won’t rush to hog all the good weapon spawns if they’re not certain it will be there.


Imo Randomization should only be used in Fiesta based modes.


I would be ok with a few weapon pads being random, but we honestly need set spawns for certain weapons.

And maybe variants of maps to accommodate different weapons that focus more heavily on Forerunner/Human/Banished weapons/vehicles for 4v4 and 12v12.

Halo has always had static spawns of weapons, messing with strategies is not a good way to design maps when a bunch of the weapons are seriously crap.

agreed…i see it as a weak cop-out for not launching with enough maps!

I get the devs may want to test different flows but this is a cover up of not having enough content…so…just change some weapon spawns lol

it sucks


It’s mind boggling this is what we get after 6 years of development. I can’t even play btb anymore.

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Yeah I’ve disliked the entire weapon rack system since the beginning. Weapons should be organically placed.

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and how do vehicles still drive like utter garbage? why?
why do people want the dumb crap in this franchise…
vehicles that just flip over and bounce all around.
needler being a homing smg is just stupid take that crap out!
what is the deal man?

BTB problems:

Vehicles made out of paper.

Equipment and power weapons spawn too frequently. (the one son pads and the supply drops)

Vehicles give random spawns and locations. Most of the time if you are winning, the vehicles will spawn on your side.

Maps aren’t vehicle friendly, and now you have the disrupter and shock rifle making vehicles utterly useless aside from the wasp.

It isn’t BR starts. Hell, I’d take a Commando.

Stockpile… why on god’s green earth are piles spawning on one teams side like that? Plus there are way to many seeds being dropped. It makes short unfun matches.

We need KoTH and Territories!

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Do people just want King of the Hill and Territories on the basis that they existed before? I played 4-5 years of Halo 3 and they were the most universally hated playlists.

Hell, they even had « Team Control » up for a couple months and me and my friend couldn’t find a match past level 23.

I play it all the time in Halo 3 BTB on MCC. It’s competitive, and fun. Plus considering it’s MCC, that’s where all the 8 man stacks are… keeps it interesting.

Plus it adds variety to BTB. It kinda gets stale playing the same thing.

Can’t say I disagree, but if we go with the variety argument, we should keep the current modes and add more, not replace them.

I will tell you that I kinda hate Strongholds though, even if it’s not BTB. It really feels like working a shytty job for 20 minutes sometime.

It does. It’s absolutely horrible and serves no competitive purpose. I hate it. It makes everything needlessly chaotic.

I want classic BTB with more players very very badly.

We need some remakes ASAP. We don’t need anything fancy. Blood gulch, sandtrap, avalanche, Valhalla, rats nest.

One or two would be nice in the near future. But more importantly forge needs to be done. All our map troubles could be fixed in the short-mid term through community creations.

Sorry I went off tangent there focusing on btb.

Lots of small and bing things need to change and happen before this will be a real halo game.

I am going to remain positive. Patient and I may play something else for a bit. This game is fun with friends.

You say “We don’t need anything fancy” but that’s a loooooooot of assets they’d have to make for remakes of those.

Definitly i hate it when i need a bulldog for a challenge only to come into the basement on bazzar and it’s a heat wave…

and it’s even worse on BTB with one team getting the BR and the other getting the commando.

I also said one or two, but realistically I’d expect to reuse as much of the existing assets before making new ones.

But realistically I expect most of that from forge. BTB was kinda left in the dust for H5 for a while so it’s going to be a long wait before we get much.

I wouldn’t be too bummed out by the Weapon Pads if only they made a bit more sense at times.

For example, Shock Rifles swapping out with Stalkers on occasion on Deadlock, yeah, sure.

Hydras being swapped out with Ravagers on Highpower…um…wut?

Disruptors should just be removed entirely. Such a niche weapon that its pretty pointless at this point.

For vehicles. I don’t have as much of a problem with but could maybe use an uptick on the respawn timers while certain ones like the Gungoose shouldn’t really be part of the Pelican drops at all. I think vehicles getting a bit more durability, less rolly, and reworked (such as the Chopper) would take a lot off it.

Eh idk the way things work, some of those would need reeeaaaally new assets… But yeah, you’re right. It’ll be a hot minute.

Because BTB is a hot mess and was even before the non-working crap.

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