RANDOM Weapon Drops

first off, I would like to say that I love this game, I am in no way bashing Halo 4 or 343 industries.

are the weapon drops in matchmaking random? because I feel like it is. does anyone know if there is a system we could learn? is there a weapon timer so there spawn weapons on the exact same moment everygame, like in past Halo’s ?

I just really want to know if there is a system, because it feels random to me.
the randomness doesn’t feel right, because in past Halo games I could be playing with a sniper and go back 3 minutes later to pick up another one, but I have no idea how weapon-spawning works in Halo 4.

the initial drop at start is preset, but all other weapon drop are generated to randomly assigned coord across the map.

It’s not actually totally random. It DOES have some wiggle room. It would be hard to time weapons with out doing some camping. Random drops fall with in a certain window of time.

> the initial drop at start is preset, but all other weapon drop are generated to randomly assigned coord across the map.

“random” drops actually follow an order around the map. From my experience in Forge they always drop in the same order. That is why you never see the Binary Rifle drop early on Haven.

But how does it work? can I predict drops?

help me out?

I believe the weapons have a set time area in which they drop e.g. between 120 seconds and 360 seconds into the game. The weapons that drop aren’t random, but the times are random between those times, if that makes sense.

I believe there is a paper thin system in place. I think they drop in a specific order and at roundabout the same times each match but the content will always be randomised to one of 3 or more weapons.

This obviously does not include sniper rifles under the base on Ragnarok or the central sword on Complex.

Edit: And this was meant to be 343i’s attempt to make the game more open to new players. Good God…

> I believe there is a paper thin system in place. I
> Edit: And this was meant to be 343i’s attempt to make the game more open to new players. Good God…

I know… I prefer Arena style like past Halo games :S

They just did a weekly update, or whatever it’s called on the homepage. They showed a graph of what weapons are going to drop for your personal weapon drop. I’m wondering if it’s the same for maps. I know the starting weapons are set, but I believe the drops are randomized.

This thread is going to demonstrate that at least two thirds of players don’t understand that the map weapon drops aren’t really random at all.

In Infinity Slayer there’s a bunch of random drop locations, each location has a specific weapon, on Abandon there’s 2 needlers, a sticky launcher, a rocket launcher and a Sniper Rifle. These spawn in specific locations, no matter what. The only randomness to this is simply that you don’t know which one is going to spawn next, these have a chance of spawning once every 120-340 seconds.

Map control for specific power weapons still exists, you simply can not guarantee the exact moment the weapon will spawn any more, you can only guarantee it’s spawn within a 2 minute time frame. We’ve created a setup on Abandon that holds the rocket, sticky det and snipe spawns such that these are guaranteed to be kept away from the enemy.

The game has been out for 10 days, people are mad that they do not know how to play it perfectly yet. They spent over 10 years gaining experience using the old system, thusly they got very good at using it. People are mad that they’re not instantly good with the new system. The new system requires map knowledge of where the most powerful drops spawn and map control of those drop points.

Recommendation? Go into forge, load up Infinity Slayer, take a look around the maps and find those random drop points, hit X to view object options and see what weapon that particular drop point spawns. Learn those drops. Create setups for each map that involve controlling the most powerful drops.

The only wildcard in the game is personal ordnance, something you can not plan for or prevent the enemy from using against you.

The biggest thing everyone needs to do is get into forge mode, have a look around the gametypes and properly understand how it works.

Skitrel, that was very enlightening. I haven’t done as much homework with H4 due working during the day and wanting to just play in the evenings. So this is very helpful. I hated the idea of random weapon drops, but understanding that there is a method makes things better. I’m not wild about random ordinance, as that can significantly influence a game, but I suppose that’s what PRO variants are for.

My only concern would still be control. Perhaps you can shed some light on this. If you have a sniper spawn possibly spawning on one side of the map, or the other side, controlling one area would mean you’re requiring some luck to get that spawn there. So while you’re waiting and hoping for your power weapon, the other team could get a power weapon instead by the luck of the draw, spawning at the area you’re not holding.

My second question is in regard to how the weapons spawn. Does each drop run on its own timer, or are all the timers linked? For instance, if you have three power weapon drops, if one spawns does that reset the timer for all of the others? Or could the sniper spawn at 120, then the rockets and sticky detonator at 160 each, and the incinerator cannon at 200 (pretending all those were on a map)?

Thanks for the info.

anyone else who knows more?