Random Story ideas for no reason

Random story ideas for Campaign, most of these are just dumb but hey there might be a diamond in here… most likely not though.

Vale and peace talks

Spartan Vale is brought back, having been trying to talk peace with at least the sanghelli on the ring, to surrender in a way that doesn’t result in death. WEll she managed to, but then the brutes opened fire on her and the elites she managed to talk into helping.

A small set of quests where you save her, and several groups of elites around the shattered ring. at the end you get an allied elite in the FoBs.

YipYap, son of PipPap, brother to YipYap… not that Yipyap.

A story where a group of grunts are dropped in by the banished looking for revenge against chief they have goblins, and work to take over several FoBs these only spawn in after you have taken all of them.

Each FoB will have 2 Grunt goblins guarding it and must be retaken, different banished troops follow. after taking back the 3-5 FOBs YIPYAP challanges chief to a dual.

Chief heads to the location, only for the grunt to instantly surrender and get killed by a brute chieften.


The banished start coordinating air support on the ring. You have to use the underground forerunner structures to evade air support that you have no chance of taking on alone.

There’s another green spartan that pretends to be the Master Chief to intimidate enemies.

The Master Chief loses a leg and is forced into an early retirement. Back at home, John must find out how to start over and live in the peace that he’s fought for.

There is a real lack of random events in the game now.
I like your idea.
Alpha 9, Osiris, Blue Team,Sword of Sanghelios…
It would be great if random events could give players clues about these characters.

Yeah and small random stories that happen in the overworld are a good way to keep the game interesting, even in post game.