Random REQ

What can i expect from an ultra rare random vehicle REQ?

Gauss warthogs, gauss warthogs, gauss warthogs, mantis.

Onis, ultras, rocket/gauss hogs, phaeton if you’re lucky

I’ve gotten a lot of phaetons from them! Gauss Hogs are definitely in high supply with that card as well.

I got a phaeton with my first one, rocket hogs and a banshee ultra with the last 9 or 10…

I got a phaeton first time… since then just gauss warthogs!

Every Phaeton I’ve ever used has been from a Ultra Random Vehicle REQ. It’s awesome.

Roll the dice!

Tis true, you will get a ton of Gauss hogs. But every 5th or so card you’ll get a banshee ultra or a phaeton. Only phaetons I’ve ever seen have been out of those randoms

thanks everyone! i’m excited to use it