Random req packs

Does anyone have any idea why we are getting free req packs as we play? Is it exclusive to FF? How do I get more? This has been awesome to finish up my silvers!

No im not talking about the ones we get for winning 1 then 5 then 10 FF games.

I know what you mean, I think it’s for req balancing but I don’t want to be greedy then they stop.

good some good reason today though, still want my EM magnum and DMR though :rage:

It seems like I was getting free silver packs today while playing firefight. Maybe Arena does too. I don’t know.

Does anyone know why there are free silver packs given out? That way I can get more possibly.

Yeah, I keep getting free silver packs as well. I suppose I can’t complain too much, since they give me 3000RP each, which allows me to get golds rather quickly!

They are rewards for the new Firefight commendations found in game mode commendations. Instead of the normal Experience and random REQ pack the new commendations reward Gold or Silver packs.