Random Question

Random question: I was messing around with my friend the other day on Halo 5’s campaign when we decided to do some AI battles and we decided to do an elite general vs a standard Promethean Knight, so we cleared the are leaving only the knight and the elite to let them fight, but as there was no elites just walking around I had to get one by making him exit a wraith (if you would like me to explain how I will happily do so) and I noticed the elite was not taking any damage from the knight at all, but when I shot him it did normal damage, could anyone explain this? I wanna know if elites that were in vehicles take less damage from AI for future AI battles. It’s strange as later in that mission I set up another elite general vs knight fight this time the elite was defeated with ease despite the fact the elite started shooting way before the knight decided to return fire.

I’m assuming they didn’t account for another AI shooting the elite in the wraith so they didn’t bother coding it in.

It could be that the wraith pilot(?) Driver(?) was not supposed to be outside of the wraith so it doesn’t take damage against other AI and just the players.