random power weapon spawning in BTB

i think the power weapons in BTB slayer or objective should spawn randomly across the map,to encourage team.this will disband power weapon campers such as campers of SNIPER,rockets,plasma launcher and so on

No, power weapons should be either allocated one for each team or placed in a location where each team has an equal opportunity to obtain them. If a team fails to secure a power weapon, it’s that team’s own fault. Random power weapon spawns could actually make for a completely unbalanced game; what if one team gets showered with rockets and snipers in the opening?

The nasty, “full party smashes randoms” stuff going on in BtB right now is due to the elite players having few places to go, and the poor ability of match-making to actually set up matches of even skill. I don’t like it, but random weapon spawns won’t solve the underlying problem.

That’s a terrible idea. Learn to time. Problem solved.