Random lag and disconnects?

So… the lag has benn so bad the past few days ive been kicked from matches. Always seems convenient when im one win away from onyx. Good work 343.

I have 0% ploss, hardwired, low ping… there should be no excuse for this -Yoink-.

I’ve been experiencing something similar. I get kicked out of matches and stuck at screen that I can’t back out of. I have to quit the game and start it up again only to be shown text saying my fireteam has changed or my Xbox lost connection to the server…it only happens with Halo 5 and started shortly after Ghosts of Meridian dropped. It pisses me off.

Yep, I am from EU and I have some random freezes for 1-2 seconds pretty often. My internet connection is pretty good, so that’s the murican Server :confused:

Sometimes Im doing fine then all of a sudden I experience some lag issues

This happened to me, pesky game