Random Global Championship Age Question

If someone under 18, who lied about their age when registering, gets top four in one of the online finals, will they still be accepted into the tournament?

Thanks! God Bless :slight_smile:

Hopefully your conscience intervenes at that point.

I would assume they would need some proof that they are of age. If not, they would be disqualified.

They’d be disqualified.

On the same topic…What if said person, (family member wants in…) is a year under age, but by the time of the tournament, they get in and have turned the required age limit?

Family member is 17, turns 18 in August. Beginning of the month, in fact…

> Hopefully your conscience intervenes at that point.

Haha yeah definitely!

@Sergeant Zim: In the Rules and Regulations, it says that you must have reached 18 (Or your age of majority in the jurisdiction you are at) BEFORE the tournament, unfortunately :confused:

Thanks for the answers, God Bless you :slight_smile: