random forunner facts

All Forerunners wore personal body armor through most of their lives. The armor protected its user both physically and medically, granted them immunity to most diseases, and was one of the reasons for their long lifespans. In emergency situations, the armor could suspend its user until they were rescued, and even provide nourishment for a time.[1] Armor suits specifically designed for combat were known as combat skins.NameBright - Coming Soon were large Forerunner warships known to be captained by Prometheans. The Didact’s ship was a planet-breaker.[1]Planet-breakers were able to carry over five thousand Warrior-Servants, an armory stocked with spare combat skins, thousands of hand weapons and a plethora of other military devices, hundreds of war sphinxes, as well as armed scout craft and orbital picket cruisers.[2] A planet-breaker also possessed a facility suited for performing brevet mutations,[3] as well as machinery required to produce personal armor.

these were just a few forunner facts that could be in halo 4. i personelly like the combat skins and think they would be a good innovation in halo 4.