Random Ban?

For the last three days after winning a match my account has been banned from arena play. I do not have a microphone installed so no offensive language is said. I play the game just as everyone else does yet for some reason after winning a match I will be randomly banned for leaving the game when I stayed in the match for the entire time. Note that I didn’t even leave after winning. Am I the only one experiencing this problem or what is going on?

Not the only one. This happened to me multiple times. I was on a winning spree once, playing arena. Had won 4 matches in a row and was going to continue. The during the winning animation that shows your team. I was banned for no reason whatsoever. Now… My entire game is messed up. Not sure if a banning bot is glitching or some -Yoink- is hacking into their servers. I can’t even play online now saying I’m not authorized. Personally. I’m done. With Halo 5 and from the Halo series itself. Everything is just messed up.

Your game history shows DNFs. But this belongs here anyways :slight_smile:

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