Random armour then load outs reset?

So the other day after downloading the update I found all my armour has been marked as new but I was still wearing what I normally would, I though this normal. But today I came on to Halo 4 Big Team Skimersish to find all my armour abilities had been removed, aswell as the last two perks of my last two classes, also all secondary’s were reset and grenades, also custom 5 had changed from a BR to an assault rifle.
The main thing was I had to buy it all back with my Spartan points which were suddenly refunded, is there a cause for this or what, I don’t know why it happened, has anyone else had this?

343 is looking all what the problem is from reseting Armour and equipment. and no you are not the only that has this problem more have it.

I had the same once. All my classes were reset…