Random 30MB update just now.

I was wondering if anyone else got this? I was searching for a match and got kicked out because it told me I needed it. Not upset or anything I was jsut wondering what it was for.

i got one too any know wat it was for

ill take a look… ima reset halo 4

What is this!?

There was no update on my one.

Can you kindly please take alook at you main menu upper right corner… post the version number please… Thanks

Maybe preparing for the first dlc? Adding some stuff to the background that will unlock when you buy the dlc/get another update later?


Since its 1.02.00 it is infact a title update. Plus a preparation for DLC release

No update came up on mine… still 1.01.00

> Since its 1.02.00 it is infact a title update

If so, we’ll hear more about that soon I guess.

i guess so

> > Since its 1.02.00 it is infact a title update
> If so, we’ll hear more about that soon I guess.

Later today as the update is being released by the server at 1-2am Kirkland Washington time. So later today you will see a post in the bulletin… or all over the internet

EDIT: Still no update on mine…

Bs Angel tweeted this a few hours ago; “@bsangel: There’s an embargo lifting tomorrow morning, so the Bulletin will publish then. #atthecrackofdawnactually #yawns” so maybe she was speaking of an update or somethig & it’ll be mentioned in the bulletin.

im in illinois and i got it at 3am central time

haven’t gotten one yet

well thts weird… it kicked me offline and everything right when i finished the match i got kicked offline

I just got it as well.

It gave my brother all my LE content :slight_smile: and it changed chapter 4 of episode 5 on sopos instead of mantises they are now warthogs

where r u located at?

It gave him the extra emblems, guns, prime armor recruit skin, hazop forest form gamestop, and arctic BR. Pretty sweet

So does this mean there’s been a TU or jus like a small fix? I’ve never paid any attention to these types of things.(the version number changes)