Rampant Halo Recruiting Skilled Players

Rampant Halo is looking for SKILLED and DEDICATED Halo players to join our organization.

We need players who will help this organization rise to the top, as we have high aspirations. We are self sponsored, partnered with @HypeJerseys, @NecroGrips, @FiveStarGG, CinchGaming, @NoScopeGlasses, and @GungHo with more to come. We offer:

  • Frequent Cash Tournaments - Scrim Nights - Matchmaking Grinds with the community - Sponsorship opportunities - Player Promotion - Chances to play against other orgs, teams, clans, etc - much much more!To join just message NECROCYDE on Waypoint or XBL, or DM @RampantHalo directly on twitter.

You can also check out our site: http://rampanthalo.esportsify.com/

See you guys in the Arena!