Ramone de Leon

So I continue to see a thread on the Waypoint forums called “New Quote from MLG Player” and it has a sentenced quoted from a Ramone de Leon apparently and the person who made the thread is calling him a 2008 MLG Champion. I am just clearing this up to anyone who is just completely out of the loop of MLG or really just not that smart.

Ramone de Leon is not a pro MLG player, nor is he a champion from 2008 (or any year) nor is he even a notable player from MLG. In fact, I have never once heard of him before and I’ve been around MLG since 2006.

I’m just posting this so MLG’s rep doesnt get affected by someone claiming to be a Champion of their events.

I am the MLG champion of all MLG events! and everybody MUST listen to me for that reason! My message is clear! You are not wearing PANTS! This must be RECTIFIED!

and also, why not just post in the original thread?

I was thinking the same thing…lol.


Thanks for clearing that up.

Ppl need to quit being so insecure and accept the FACT that what makes someone better in Halo traditionally is knowledge of how the game works - thus why a person as good as an MLG’s opinion really matters.

Edit: That dosen’t necessarily make their opinion automatically superior to any normal person.

Just saying ppl need to understand why their opinion counts generally speaking instead of just bein like. “Shut up just cause your good!”

It’s like telling a person who has started a big company and made millions that their opinion on how to live a successful life dosen’t matter.

“I will discover the fountain of youth one day.”
-Ponce De Leon

Is it that little kid who was really good at Halo? The name seems familiar, saw someone like that with the De Leon name in a very old GI article.