Rally-Hog => Races?

I mean when they make a special Rally hog, a new iteration of some racing modes would be pretty nice, right? :smiley:

Don’t get your hopes up. This was the full reveal and the update drops on Tuesday. I doubt there will be any more surprises between now and then. Maybe it was something they cut to add to the WZFF update, but that’s wishful thinking.

I don’t think we’ll get the race mod with this update, I do however believe it will be returning as part of the WZFF update as 343 stated that much of the content originally planned for hogwild was being moved into WZFF

Ducain23 (the community cartographer for race), seems to be thinking it will drop with the WZFF update.

Yeah, I hope we will get it nin WZFF… or maybe they announce some new modes at E3 :slight_smile: