Railgun Question

To use the railgun effectively at 100+ meters do I have to lead my shots? I seem to always lose at long range engagements with the railgun.

You have a sniper scope on your Railgun or something?

Kidding aside though, yeah, your going to have to do some serious leading at that range.

Yes. At a certain point, you will need to lead your shots to hit someone with a railgun shot.

Yes, you have to lead your shots. Not by much, but still.

And you can actually “pseudo scope” with the railgun. Once you’ve started charging up a shot, zoom in. Then you’ve got about a second or so to adjust your aim before the shot goes off.

Railgun is projectile-based, not hitscan, so you will need to lead.

Generally speaking, if it’s not a bullet, then you’ll need to lead it. Not sure if lasers (LightRifle, Suppressor, etc.) also require leading, though I’m pretty sure the Binary Rifle doesn’t.

charge quick scope boom