Raider DSTT Torso.

Any new about the torso or what is the best website to track his progress?
1- I Already have shoulder and helmet code

I don’t think think the chest piece is out yet :(.

As for the website, that’s a great question. I would really want to know as well.
I am still working on the 1000 MM games at the moment for the DSTT helmet

The code isn’t known yet and it’s possible some pieces haven’t been released. Entering the code requires a Legendary completion of campaign.


I have the shoulders, need only 96 more matches to get the helmet… but no sight of the torso code >.<

Because (as it is said DAILY) the Torso code, DOES NOT EXIST YET.
We (the people from the IRC who work every day to GET the code for you people) have yet to even get half way through decrypting 1/4 of the glyphs.

Stop asking. The codes WILL be made public when we have them. Period.

Omoi, dude, calm down… that last post seemed a little harsh. We know you guys are working on it. THANK YOU!! Seriously, I’d never have time to do it all alone. Hell, I’m not even halfway through my required War Games matches for the helmet. But I can’t (but will) wait until the code does come out either. You guys are seriously awesome.

this is a dumb question but where do (did) you find the glyphs?

yeah i want to know where people find all this stuff that has to be decoded also

Just got the Helmet unlocked, keep an eye on this site for any codes they have them all and are always cracking the new ones.

Sorry, didn’t mean to seem harsh…it’s just annoying to repeat ourselves soo often.
And to answer the question as to where we find the Glyohs…its a LONG process of decoding files that HyrAI (now TetrarAi) give us, along with OP36516

I’m mostly just an info guy, the others are the coding guys.

Yes decoding them looks very hard. I remember that one pic of the spartan using the thruster pack. I couldnt find the pieces scattered to make the glyph. So i turned To wiki bruce to get the Glyphs. Im about 250 matches away from the helmet and i really appreciate all the hard Work You decoders do! You Guys Are like sherlock holmes And Batmans love child. And he got Addicted To Playing halo 4.