Raider DSTT Helmet problem. Help please ?

So, I have over 1,000 war game matchmaking games completed. But, here’s the problem. It says I have 1,000 on the Xbox Waypoint App but on the website it only says I have 913…what’s going on ? does anyone know ? Please help :I

It’s probably just some delay on either end. Anyway, just type in the codes on Waypoint and see if you get it. If worse comes to worse, just play 87 more matches and try not to JIP or quit them.

On the Waypoint app you get how many games you have Completed in the ingame Service record you get how many have you played in total quits/lag out/boot won’t count for the Raider DSTT req

that’s just it though, I’m not using the in game service record. I’m using waypoint to figure it out.

> that’s just it though, I’m not using the in game service record. I’m using waypoint to figure it out.

Still I think the Waypoint app on the xbox is different to the Website app just guide yourself with the Website one and when you get 1000 on the website app try with the Raider DSTT code and it should work.

I’m not 100% sure on this but I also think the in-game one takes into account playing custom games and spartan ops. If you look at my stats you can see that I’ve completed 668 games, yet on my player card it says I’ve got well over 1500 games.

Web stats say you’ve got 1001 games completed. Good luck!!

you have to actually COMPLETE 1000 games. (games where you are booted, quit, etc do not count. custom games and spartan ops also do not count towards it)

Yes, you have to complete 1000 full games to get it. Dont worry you’ll get there!

You are currently at 913 so 87 more games and you will have it.

I think it only counts games you start AND finish, so that means:

No games where you quit out
No games where you lagged out
No games where you were booted

and… the main one…

No games where you joined in progress

I think it’s this last one which contributes the biggest difference to people’s in-game number (including JIP) and the website service record number (which doesn’t include JIP).

It’s the latter number that needs to be 1000+ to get the Raider armor.

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I Am having thesame problem i cant use the code even right after i just did 1000 games exactly so i just want to know whats going on here and why i cant use the code


You have completed 870 games. Incomplete games (games which you quit or lagged out of) are not counted.