Raider DDST and other codes

I am really behind the Waypoint codes thing. I want to know if the codes for the rest of the Raider DDST (chest and helmet)armour has been discovered? I know the Helmet wont be unlicked till the map pack comes out as it said that the glyphs are in some of the maps and you need to complete 1000 wargames matches. So, has the chest DDST been discovered and decoded? (you need to do solo legendary for it to work)

I also want to know if there are any other codes that has been found. I already got Raider normal, Halo CEA terminals, Wiseguy, ONI, and Day one.

I wanted to know this as well lol. Freee xp, always good.

this site has all your answers

I’m pretty sure the only DDST code known is the shoulder one at the moment. Just keep an eye out for the rest. I’m sure somebody will post a video on YouTube too once the remaining codes have been found.

I think it’s Raider DSTT (Distort Skin) not DDST.


All the codes are available online if you look hard enough.

The only problem with obtaining the torso and the helmet is you need to beat the campaign on legendary(torso) and complete 1000 matchmaking games(helmet), which i have done both of, but I understand that this might prove problematic to some other players who just want to unlock everything in one go.


Read the section 3 part. Everything you need is there.

Does anyone have any pics for the way point codes?

> Does anyone have any pics for the way point codes?

Here you go: