Ragnarok CTF

I know there are some that will want to flame me for saying this, but my favorite experience in Halo 4 is playing CTF in ragnarok and exile. Is there a similar experience in Halo 5 or will it be coming? Not crazy about Warzone.

I’m with you, although I do enjoy warzone with a decent sized group. CTF is the king of objectives.

Sadly there is not. The only CTF is hidden within Ranked Arena play where it rotates with Strongholds, Slayer, Breakout, etc. And even that CTF is on pretty small maps. But you know we all care way more about eSports than we do about having fun playing a game. So they made the right choice.

BTB will be coming to Halo 5 so I don’t doubt we will see BTB CTF. As far as the map Ragnarok, there’s been no news on what the maps may be for Big Team. However, if you watch the Sprint, they do show off a Blood Gulch and Long Bow remix/re-imagining/remake map for H5 through Forge.

They really need to hurry about with more Social and objective play lists and BTB. Warzone is cool. I prefer Warzone Assault. But I miss BTB with vehicle and weapon spawning on the maps and fighting for control over them. And I miss BTB Heavies, CTF, KOTH, VIP, etc…

Well put Moonbase1