Ragnarok CTF Flag locations

So I’m having a LAN party and we’re trying to play ctf on ragnarok. But instead of the flags being in the bases they’re on the sides of the map. It seems to change the flag locations on Longbow too. How can we get the flags to be in their typical locations?

load the map up in forge, move the flag plates/hill zones to the insides of the bases
save it
play it


also, if you load the map normally, without connecting to a LAN party, does it do the same thing?

flag spawns are where they should be in forge…but no dice.

Also, does anyone know how to save loadouts? We have Xboxes here where the ppl have Halo 4, but they don’t play online…so they don’t have any loadouts created. What ends up happening is we have to create loadouts each time we play.

We start on the side of EVERY map actually…it’s really frustrating.

> We start on the side of EVERY map actually…it’s really frustrating.

i Don’t know what to say dude…
Newer, modern games aren’t built to work with LAN that much, that probably why you’re experiencing all these bugs

hope you find a fix for this…

Are you playing with red and blue teams? I remember at one Reach LAN party the same thing happened on blood gulch. Figured out that it was because the flag markers in the bases were for red and blue teams while the ones for orange and purple were at the sides.

MetaRidley15, you sir (I assume, but I apologize if I’m wrong) are a gentleman and a scholar. You are correct. Thank you so much!