Rage quiting

So today I decided to play my first 1v1 in who knows how long. It was Cutter v Cutter on Chasms, I decided to elephant rush like I had gone into the game intending to do. I scouted his base and found he was also building an elephant, so I stayed back and fended off his attack. I soon built a spartan to put in my elephant so it couldn’t be jacked, and ran and jacked his. I grabbed his expansion, as well as mine and began to produce tanks. He also was building tanks. I rushed to pt before he had canny and then got some cobras and a vulture. At this point I also had taken the supply hooks, giving me the income advantage, especially when I had his expansion. So i moved in, he took out my tanks while my vulture and cobras laid waste to his base. He flew in 4 hornets, thinking he could decimate my cobras. However he flew right into my waiting wolverines. The game then froze.

Note to self, when playing IronCitySoldier, macro, microing isn’t a big problem, he has no micro, plan ahead, get ready to not technically win.

Seriously, what is the point of rage quiting? It just makes you look bad.

Im pretty sure you are a troll, but you should be happy that he didn’t waste your time anymore than he had to.

Actually if this guy waited until he had 3 bases with both supply hooks, PT tanks, cobras, and vultures, he probably just wasted his own time…

These forums suck. Is there anyway to filter by game so I don’t have to look at all these Reach and ODST topics?

Ow, that hurts Mitch, especially since most of what I know I learned from your youtube videos

I needed an economy advantage, I got it, I had 3 bases at something like 8 minutes, 3 tanks easily clear hooks

If you want people to watch your videos,you should try not to be a jerk about things.