The radar sucks. Make it how it used to be. I can be literally in the same room as someone and not see them on the radar. -Yoinking!- -Yoink-. 343 changed the feel of halo drastically. I’ve been a halo master since the very first halo. There’s nothing in this game that’s says halo to me except the armor…and even that they changed… can’t reload shields if your sprinting? Wtf kinda -Yoink- is that? Your a -Yoinking!- spartan… we can do all this crazy -Yoink- like ground pound and what not but can’t regenerate shields if your running. -Yoinking!- fix the game. It’s terrible.

It’s called balance. I’m sure spartans can actually do it when they’re not forced into a multiplayer environment.

Radar is perfectly fine. I use my radar constantly I always am looking at my radar to see what’s up and the radar has saved me so many times. People always run up behind me and they think I can’t see them and one they get close I dodge to the side and kill them. Radar is great in this game and it’s de isn’t need to change.

The maps are small in arena, theres no need for the 25m except for BTB and warzone (which it is already 25m in both modes)

I agree with the radar problem. It is the one thing that is worthless in this game!

Are you stealing assassinations?

lol if you cant see someone in the same room as you then its not the radar.

sigh you need to calm down, swearing wont get you anywhere.

As to the radar size yes its small but radar is mostly to give you an idea were someone is around you, whether they are below you, near you etc. it is not meant to give their exact position away. WOuld i like it bigger? ya sure maybe to 20m instead of 18m.

No one cares if you were a “halo master” get off you high horse.

Ever see when a spartan sprints their booster kick on in the back, that takes energy away from the shield system which is why it cant recharge, also its a balance issue that discourages running away (something people hated in halo 4)

Lets look at what makes halo, halo. Fair starts, got it, power weapon control, got it, weapon balance (though this wasnt true for all halo’s, actually all but halo 5 had pretty bad weapon balance), check, team orientated gameplay, got, and map control (can be tied in with power weapons if you wish) got it. These are all things that are the foundation for halo gameplay due to it being an arena shooter and guess what, Halo 5 has all of them. Good day sir

The radar is a joke…Infact it was the halo in house pro players that determined the range of 18 metres but it’s to small for us non pros…Take FFA for example there on top of you before there on the radar and it’s like you need eyes in the back of your head.If I was in charge of multiplayer in halo I would of got a few people from the community to come to 343i studios and have a blast and get feedback from them as getting info all of the time from pros don’t even make up 10% of who will play the game. I agree with the post above about control of the map and power weapons but 90% of players don’t care about that stuff and hop in and out for a few games after work of uni/collage and don’t need this sweat mentality so for me I hope 343i make a few playlists that sit in between casual and ranked like maybe casual matchmaking slayer what do you lot think

They should up it to 20m, maybe 21m at the most. 25m would just be too big for the arena maps. The radar really wouldnt be such an issue if Spartan Charge didnt exist.

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> It’s called balance. I’m sure spartans can actually do it when they’re not forced into a multiplayer environment.

You can use a very similar argument when it comes to things like Sprint and Spartan abilities in general, just because Spartans can do something out of games does not mean they should be able to do it in games.

Just had read through all previous posts. Everyone has valid points but IMO the radar is garbage. Been playing Halo since it first came out and never have I felt so frustrated about it. I personally rather play with it off, but find myself unconsciously looking at the damn thing just cuz it is there when playing Arena and similar. Funny thing is, motion tracking range is so damn useless, all it takes is for me to give it a quick glance and look back up to realize there is someone plunging straight at me.

And yeah, some may argue that you need more tactical awareness and teammate call out and whatever other BS, but frankly, that is all rubbish. Why:

  • not everyone has a set fireteam or regulars to play with

  • maps are relatively small with an almost endless amount of shortcut routes that can get you from A to B in no time flat

  • Halo 5 focuses on speed and mobility above all else, and this combined with the above gives you very little time for “tactical awareness” seeming you will end up being engaged by someone (who is not camping and/or being a sneaky -Yoink-) very, very quickly (especially when playing modes like free-for-all).

The elevation feature is also a total joke; 343 should implement stronger color schemes if they are planning to continue using tint to this effect. Take a hint from Destiny when it comes to the radar:

  • Top of screen positioning would be better, especially given how small it is (almost everyone has a huge flat screen these days and even that doesn’t help). This also goes in line with the fact that good players tend to keep their sights up in order to ensure an easy lock-on to an opponent’s head.

  • Raise motion tracking distance to 20 meters or change it to actual proximity tracking because it is sort of counterintuitive to have such a short range and expect someone to be crouching around to try and get the drop on their enemy when the whole premise of Guardians is to move fast and head on (I’m looking at you Spartan Charge!).

  • If none of the above are possible, just disable the damn thing. That way you’ll really force people to depend on tactical awareness, teammates and map callouts whether they like/want to (or even if they can) or not.

The radar range wouldn’t be an issue if the maps didn’t have so many blocked sightlines and cramped corridors with a million entrances (I almost reckon Sprint wouldn’t be an issue either, if that were the case…) Predicting people is supposed to be possible without the radar.

…But maps like Coliseum and Plaza being the best maps in Halo 5 is besides the point :stuck_out_tongue: The point is that you can’t read a 2v1 or a 3v1 anymore…

I used to be able to stop that crap from happening. “Whoa, I just saw two guys run in there, should probably go around and try to flank them” or “That’s too many red dots, better relocate.” Sometimes it feels like even when you DO use your mic you still can’t make worthwhile callouts because half the time the maps just funnel players directly into each other as soon as they respawn without ever being able to see predict where enemy players are going to come from, and it just repeats over and over…

Crouching players should show up on radar. If u want to go undetected use a boost or grab the invisibility. Too many cheap kills for campers with swords and shotguns…takes the fun out of the game.