Radar Vertical Buff

I feel like the radar needs a slight buff.
I’m a more aggressive type of player who is always looking for a head on fight and the radar always help me keep a fast paste between fights.
I can find a new enemy as soon as I’m done with my previous one thanks to the radar, I feel like without the radar it would becoming a seeking game and that would slow down fire fights.
Currently the radar shows enemy in the same vertical level as you as a bright red dot, and others as a lighter red, but doesn’t show if there above o r below you.
The buff I propose for the radar is a way to tell we’re the enemy is vertically ( is he above or below you?).
The maps have a lot of verticality and I always find my self having to run up stairs to look for an enemy just to find out their not there, and when I jump back down there going back up the stairs. That really annoys me and slows down the gameplay.
Previous Halo titles had this feature where an arrow would appear above or below the enemy on the radar to signify there position.
(This is a edited re-post of a comment I made in another tread we’re the discussion was nerfing the radar)

I’m also concern by this problem. In Halo 5, the ennemi were less shiny when there was un or down and that work, it’s a sad turning back.