Radar range in Combat Evolved says "15 Meters", yet it's about Double Infinite's ( CE:A ~ 100-120 Feet ) Halo Infinite's supposed 18 Meter ( More like 18 foot ) Radar range is not enough, ESP when Sprint/Grapple/thrust allows faster closing distance times

The title Says it all.

I forget what other Halo Radar range’s are but CE’s is approx 100+ feet, and while that may be TOO much, it SURE feels better than the Infinite Radar which feels like 1/3 of Combat Evolved’s Radar range, not sufficient ESPECIALLY with the addition of Sprint ( I like Sprint ), Slide, Thrust and Grapple. It feels like it gives you a good idea of your surroundings ( playing campaign right now )

The radar Seriously needs a Buff, not as far as CE’s is, but needs to be at least 30-40% more of a radius than it is currently, to make “Back Smacks” require more skill than luck. Somewhere in the middle of what it is currently and what Combat Evolved range was set to ( says 15 Meters in the Hud, but that can’t be correct, realistically it’s about 100-120 feet ).

Even with the Addition of the sensor equipment, the Radar range is not sufficient given the scarcity of Equipment on map.

At least have an experimental Sandbox playlist with a 28-32 Meter Radar Range and see how it improves the sandbox.


I’m not that into the radar stuff, but I recall Halo CE having 25 metres?

Another thing could be that Halo CE’s radar would be radius? While Infinite’s for Diameter?

Though not in any way certain.


In CE:A It says 15 Meters on the HUD, but it can’t be accurate, given the actual distance looks to be about 100 feet, which for infinite is too much but somewhere in the Middle of Combat Evolved and where it is now would be a sweet spot and feel a lot more fair.

Yeah it could be a radius vs diameter discrepancy

Personally, I’ve always been of the opinion that the minimum radar range should be slightly farther than the effective range of the AR, the primary starter weapon. Infinite’s problem is that you can get murked by an AR way outside of 18m. Idk why 343 use 18m like it’s some golden number or something. H6 needs something pretty far because of the ADS. The radar needs to change depending on the stats of the main gun


With how you glow in the dark, radar allowing to locate you behind the enemy, there is and will be no ‘skill’ unless you mean jumping over someone and ninja-ing them. You can’t sneak up to someone unless they’re scoping and can’t see the radar.

Of course, because of D&D - a character can move 9m in a move action, and if they use full turn to walk they can move 18m in a turn. Isn’t that obvious? You can see on radar any player you can reach in a single turn.

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Being that I grew up with most shooters not having motion trackers or radars at all and I just had to be more cautious and look around better when roaming I honestly don’t have any problem with the current motion tracker range. I can still make good use of what they give now on top of things just fine.

For people who want to see the precise range of 18’, here it is in this screen shot:

It actually extends past that point by high lighting the edge of the motion tracker so you know the general direction of enemies after 18’.

I personally think too many people were coddled by the bigger motion trackers doing most of the work for them that they’re having trouble adjusting to the way 343i wants the motion tracker in 343i. Well, at least there is a solution for that:


That’s what the Master Chief Collection is for, so you can enjoy your past experiences. Still very active on particular games of multiplayer too!

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I keep seeing people talking about how the radar range is so low in Infinite, but I think they’ve found an alright approach. Maybe it could still use some improvement, but I also get the vibe people don’t super understand Infinite’s radar.

Sure, players only appear directly on the radar within 18 meters. But players appear on the edge of the radar way before that. My guess is the 30 or 35m mark. If you can see red on the edge of your radar, and team mates haven’t dropped a threat sensor, you need to be careful, because that enemy is getting close!
(Enemies being highlighted by a threat sensor appear on your radar edge regardless of distance)

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I’m glad to see you putting this out there. I agree that the Infinite range is too small. I hate the radar in Infinite and I think it changes the way people play, but for the worse. Going from Infinite directly to MCC makes it very obvious imo.

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You fail to take into account move speed, Sprint and grapple speeds which make closing in once within radar range, much faster than it used to be due to the nerfed range

Isn’t the Red edge supposed to represent Enemy Gunfire direction ? So possibly yes, but if the player isn’t shooting and making a Stealth flanking run…yeah…

I don’t think they only show up on the radar edge if they’re firing, but I also haven’t specifically tested that. I think it’s either firing or motion though. And obviously crouch walking won’t show up at all.

I thought it was firing because the edge indicators flash but it still doesn’t make a difference because the time to react once they are within the players perimeter is too low compared to time to turn around unless you have your sensitivity jacked up and even moreso if Ping and Desync are issues.

Grapple+Lunge+Desync+high ping+low radar radius = heavily imbalanced game.


Maybe don’t rely on it so much.


I too am annoyed that we have a radar that is so small that by the time I glance back up from my two-or-three frames of looking at the circle in the bottom right and seeing nothing on the radar, suddenly there is someone in melee-strike range that I didn’t see approaching because I checked my radar for my surroundings.

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thats because CE, 2, 3, 4, reach are a radius and h5 and Inf are a diameter

… … … what were they thinking?

i just can’t believe no one but me noticed this lol, and i have no idea why they went with a diameter instead of the old way, the radar was nigh on perfect in h4, and honestly the only things wrong with 4 was the perk system the boltshot and personal ordnance

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and the ret-cons and the unnecessary art style shift and half the soundtrack being generic or from other sources and the brevity of the main campaign and the repetitiveness of Spartan-Ops and the cringe of one of the cutscenes of Spartan-Ops and the lighting effects that were carried over into Halo 5 Gourdians and the final quicktime event “bossfight” and the Prometheans being unfun to fight because it was always spam lightrifle and the weapons all now carried a stunted amount of ammunition… … … … that’s about it I think.

Halo 4’s soundtrack was waaaayy better than Halo 5’s

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