Radar is of no use whatsoever

In the first flight it was a 20m radar

The way it is currently I’d rented the motion tracker for was disabled entirely

People camp with the sword and hammer with the radar as it is now. Might as well increase the distance.

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The radar is overall bugged. I’ve had people shooting me in the face or sprinting right at me and it would not how them on the radar.

Most of the times I am able to see red dots when people are walking on top or under me. The other 20% of the time the radar does nothing. IDK what the issue is but it should be fixed by the full launch.

The distance needs to be 50%-60% larger.

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The sound cues are really bad too. You can barely hear the gun fire coming from behind you which is bizarre. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or a bug.

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Ether keep it as it is. Or remove it.

Definitely don’t make it anymore powerful.

It’s nice to have to check your surroundings and be aware instead of looking at the radar the whole time.
I Like this radar a lot better

They could increase it to 20m again then

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And make it even worse? sounds like a terrible idea. I like the idea of increased radar for when moving and small radar when staying still for any change. People should just look around to see people rather than hide looking at a radar like cowards.

That would be nice plus it’s on 2 meters more

by any chance do you use a logitech headset? Because this seems to be an ongoing issue with some Logitech headsets (such as mine). I found a fix on reddit that worked for me. My issue was that the rear channel was essentially noiseless, someone could be shooting me literally directly behind and there would be NO sound, but if they were in front or to the side I could mostly hear them.

The solution involves switching to dolby atmos, it’s $15 on the microsoft store for a lifetime subscription and you can also get 7 days free.

You just want to run around with a power weapon and not give the other team time to react to your hit and run tactics. :expressionless:

I just like moving round the map getting in gunfights and playing the obj without worrying about somebody camping round every corner with a sword or hammer getting easy kills. Thats all radar seems to be ever used for.

It says 18 meters but it feels like 6, it’s super weird.

It’s certainly not 18m, can’t be. But based on whatever arbitrary range they’re using, it needs to go back to 24m in all modes that have one.

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I think nostalgia sometimes makes us remember things better than they were but I have to say this is imho the best halo since halo 3 for multiplayer. I actually enjoyed halo 5 campaign quite a bit. If you need a reminder, cuz I had blissfully forgotten, boot up cod and between the camping, dropshots, no scopes and basically only two or three choices for weapons. Connections are awful and so is the community. Halo Infinite definitely needs some tweaking but nothing major re: gameplay. Make small incremental changes. The progression, ranked, cosmetics and other non-essentials all deserve a major overhaul however even if they don’t change anything outside weapon balance I’m gonna be playing this for quite a while.

How did you change it? Wider or narrower? I would like to give it a try.

They need to change the radar back to how it was in the older games. Like many people here, I’ve found myself getting caught off guard or having an enemy appear right in front of me without the prior warning that I usually enjoyed with the motion sensor back in the day. In BTB, this is all the more painfully felt.

They’ve listened to the feedback before in the flights concerning the motion sensor, such as how terrible of an idea it was to have it only pick up Sprint and no other movement, so I hope they do the same here.

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