Radar - fix it

It’s quite simple really… the Radar is now useless.

I’m spending far too often looking at my Radar expecting to see blips of nearby enemies, and I never do. The times I do, it’s already too late, because they’re literally within melee distance of me anyway, and I’m staring at a radar, not the enemy charging at me.

Is the range something like 0.5m now?

Please, please, PLEASE, fix it. Put it back to how it was. You’ve increased movement speed, power of melees, added ground pound and thruster boost… If anything you should have made the Radar range bigger, not smaller!

The fix is simple… make Radar how it was before, or remove it completely.

This is a huge issue. The radar is useless. Gone are the days when you had to crouch to hide your location. Now you can just stand in a corner and chances are you will be fine. At times it feels like to radar might be line of sight but other times it does not. All I can say definitively is fix it or remove it. I don’t need to see a radar blip right before I die. Radar is supposed to be an early warning system not a death notification machine…

In Campaign the radius is 40m, in Warzone 25m and in Arena 18m.

I think 18m already sounds like a lot, but I agree, I often see players on the radar only when they are already in melee ranges. Seems like a simple bug to me.