Radar feature: Enemy above or below

Reach’s radar had a feature which showed enemy icons with a triangle above or below it, demonstrating if the enemy is in a higher or lower (respectively) elevation than the player.

Any reason why this isn’t added to Infinite? Thought it was a very useful mechanic.
Perhaps it was taken out to give advantage of hiding?

I’d really like this feature to be added cos’ there have been plenty of times where the radar has worked against me when it comes to enemy placement.

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This is actually in the game, when an enemy is on the same level as you, the red dot will “glow”, when you are at different elevations the dot will appear flat


This feature already exists… hello? When an enemy on your radar is above or below you (on a different level than you) the red dot becomes shaded instead of bright red. This is very noticable and has always worked this way.