Radar distance

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the radar is only good for about 5 foot radius? Does anyone know the distance of previous radars and the one in Halo 5?

Previous was 30 or 40 meters I think, now it is only 18 meters

They said it in the video before launch, If I find it i post it

Use to be 30m. Now it is 18m.

Halo 5 was lowered from the beta. It’s at 18 meters, which I believe is fairly close to the other Halo games…maybe a little less. Buy yes, it seems almost worthless unless someone is right near you. I’m ok with this however because I feel like the radar in Destiny for example gives way too much information and range.

Does not matter

Just make a perk that enables it to go further

Yeah, they discussed how with feedback from the Beta and the Pro-team, they cut back the radar distance from 30 to 18 feet. You should check out the video, I don’t remember exactly which one it was, but I think it was one of the Sprint videos.

The radar is just idiotic…I think this is a great game, but the radar is just useless. 18m might as well be 0 if that’s was 343 considers 18 lol. Hopefully they’ll fix it.

Radar is too small, too large in the BETA, too small now. Needs to be 25 or 20 meters.

I ran a custom game, and the radar range is so hilariously small. A friend and I were staring at each other, and if we both beat down from maximum range, our elbows probably would have touched.

It’s absolutely worthless, like the motion tracker in the “Brains” variant of zombies but somehow worse. Maybe the idea was to make players stop relying on it, in which case they’ve succeeded.

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> Radar is too small, too large in the BETA, too small now. Needs to be 25 or 20 meters.

(30 + 18) / 2 = 24. 24 Meters would be right in the middle, probably perfect.

There’s a radar?