Radar distance and Slayer respawn time feedback

Please increase the radar distance up to 25m like the previous games, besides Halo 5. In the other Halo games, you have a chance to turn around and fight back once you see an enemy on your radar. In Halo Infinite, the radar range of 19m is too short. once I see an enemy behind me on my radar, it’s too late to fight back or even react. The radar feels useless with a short distance.

Also please reduce the respawn time back down to 5 seconds. Only long respawn times work for objective games. It’s frustrating having to wait much longer to respawn in Slayer like in Halo 5 than the other Halo games. MCC has 3 second respawn times for both Social and Ranked Slayer, I don’t know why Infinite has a much longer respawn time.


Agreed, and agreed. I just want them to hurry up and change it lol.


Big agree on both fronts. Hoping 343 listens to the feedback.

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