Radar and Ravager need a buff (sandbox suggestions)

The radar being so short range just doesn’t make sense to me, and I’ve played since launch. In socials you’re pretty much discouraged from using the radar in most situations since enemies have so many mobility options to get the drop on you. Compare this to H3 where it was balanced well that it was very useful, and it was 25m. Wouldn’t it make sense for Infinite to have at least the same or more range on its radar? The Grappleshot especially denotes a need for a longer range radar.
The Ravager is also pretty much useless as it’s outclassed in nearly every way byt the AR, and it’s ability to lay down fire isn’t worth it since you’ll pretty much die every time you try. It should be buffed by either making its projectiles act like H3 Brute shot and push players around, or increased it’s damage, or both.
I would also say the Pulse Carbine is useless as well but I’m not really sure how that could be buffed. Honestly I’d say it’d be better if it’s bullets did not home, or just bring the plasma rifle back. At least that would fill a different role in the sandbox.
Also we need the 1 hit kill close range shotgun back. I can surmise the lack of it is the reason we don’t have infection. 343 need to get on that ASAP.


100%. Everyone wants a shotgun, so give us a shotgun. The sword and hammer cannot be stopped without one. And the hammer is too powerful. It kills from 20 feet away even if your opponent isnt even facing you.


Yep. The radar to me was always an important part of Halo. I liked that it made the game less “whoever shoots first wins” and more about making the more skillful move and or/who can land their shots. I don’t mind the radar having less emphasis in the sense that the grapple now exists + more movement mechanics, but I agree the range never should have been shortended on top of it.