RACISM I need help

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While I was playing a game of Halo Reach one of the members of my own ( F3lipeCam ) team started sabotaging my team deleted my other partners when he eliminated me the game offered me the option to send him away so I did and then he sent me a RACIST message with the following words: (ORIGINAL MESSAGE = O SEU PRETO DESGRACADO EXPULSA TEU PAI !!! === BLACK Yoink! expelled THY FATHER !!!). I felt very offended because I feel no shame in being ***, and besides the game itself was the one who offered me the option to send him away and not play with him. I wish he was banned from XBOX LIVE, but not only that I would have access to his name because I intend to sue him.

Now his profile is drafted is that? So it offends me and is modified with the nickname? In Place ([REDACTED]) Redacted appears. This is absurd. I wish the members of Haloway point banish him.

Please help me …

The best thing you can do here is report their gamertag on Xbox Live.
If you check you recently met players list and view their profile, there should be an option to report the gamertag. From there you can select the apropriate reasonsing (should be one for abusive comments or similar). After that, you can negatively rep / set as a non-preferred player and they shouldn’t show up in your matches again.

As a note, it’s against the rules of the forum to call out other players gamertags. Just a heads up there for the furture :wink:

I told you last week that you cannot single people out on the forums and that you should file a report from their gamer tag. Xbox Live profiles are maintained and controlled by Xbox Live, not 343 or Halo Waypoint.