Racing/Mini-Games - Matchmaking Suggestion

I have a suggestion for Halo: Reach or Halo 4 matchmaking. I and many others would love to see race in matchmaking, on community maps, that would make Halo extremely fun again.

Other things that would be awesome too are bringing back Rocket Race. I loved playing Rocket Race, however now the alternative is RHR, which is fun, but sometimes I just want a mongoose and I don’t want to play a load of multi-team games to get it.

Adding in Battle Tracks (like rocket race but on linear tracks and with different weapons) would be amazing too.

It would be brilliant if more fun community mini-games and gametypes made it into action-sack or something.

If the awesome people at 343i could consider some of these suggestions, I and I know loads of other people would have loads more fun on Halo.

Thanks, llehctim4

why not add more “offensive” race maps,
for example, there could be a Race gametype where one team is driving mongeese or Warthogs, while the other team is perched up in bunkers with DMRs rockets and Machine gun turrets trying to shoot them off
something like that

also, RHR is just to crazy for me, a few rockets to your hog, and you spin until the end of time
the mongoose version was better

i personnaly think that race should not get it’s own PLAYLIST, it should have its sightings in multi-team, and action sack

That’s a good idea with the offensive race, there is a gametype called Demo Racing, where you have to stop other people by wrecking them with your mongoose, I just posted a thread about it: