Racing is required for Custom Games 343i

What the heck were you thinking when deciding that the Racing gametype shouldn’t be included in the custom game settings? The only time anyone I ever knew who used custom games were using it to enjoy the amazing racing games put forth by the Halo racing community. Plus, one of the few truly enjoyable wacky game types that actually made it into the matchmaking system (Rocket Race) also required that gametype setting. I sure hope that there is an expectation amongst yourselves (343i) to bring back the racing gametype in the very near future. I have to say I’m loving the game (Halo 4) thus far, but this is honestly a slap to the face of the Halo racing community and those of us who enjoyed what could be created with that gametype.


From my understanding it’s a poor, and honestly pathetic, option for replacing the race gametype. In reading about how it could be manipulated for racing, it’s absolutely terrible sounding, especially considering what had been achieved in Halo: Reach.

I am a big fan of racing in halo and also love forging racetracks. I have seen dozens of posts from people who share our concerns but have yet to see anything from 343 about it. Message TurbTastic if you wanna do some racing. Just finishing up my Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64, pretty awesome.

Honestly, with the current settings I probably won’t waste any time in Forge or Custom Games racing. Not unless they introduce the racing gametype for Halo 4.

So Race will be like it was in Halo 3 again? It worked fine there, no reason it can’t work fine in Halo 4 too. Halo 3 didn’t have one-way shield doors either, meaning forcing people not to abuse the use of a Hill as the “lap” marker is much easier than the Grav-lift tricks required in H3.