343 you guys need a race map in halo 4 like you had in Halo CE CE (PC) i loved playing race on death island raceing with a tank at each base chain hog, rocket hog, ghost and those who race on foot with guns and nades raceing to the check pont idk race in halo reach did feel right m kinda glad its gone but i use to love race loved driving in race on the chain gun hog and haveing a guner shot the enemys almost seemed real to me and made me keep play cause it felt real!

WOW my typing is crap!

> WOW my typing is crap!

Yes, it is.

Race was good in halo reach, but would like the CE variant to return aswell so you could all start on foot and grab a vehicle to get there quicker. also a VIP variant too.

yea im a big fan of race, hopefully it returns and maybe face you looool:)