RACE playlist

I wish there was a Race playlist, its would be awesome but I don’t want stuff like rocket race because it gets very annoying. There should be a game type like classic race or Team race or something like that like on Halo:CE on the PC on RACE TO DEATH when people have to race and try too kill each other but no rockets or Sparten lasers just shotguns, assault rifles ect.

I would love for there to be a race playlist. It’d be awesome for there to be a team race gametype as well.

I agree completly. Why add race gamemodes to custom games and not online?! This needs to be added. If not in Reach then in CEA MM.

I support this, just turn off friendly fire


I also support under one condition . Jackpot Credit Weekend Playlists need to be implemented .

and many more…

I used to get so pumped for Grifball and Infection , now I pretty much never play them because there always there .

it would be awesome if there was a double xp weekend too, where it was featured.
but if it was a full blown playlist, it would get stale and old fast.

same thing but race would b great for acouple of weeks

I Believe I have only ever played Race once in over a year since Reach has been online, It was a FFA mongoose race on spire, and it was amazing.

I agree to this.

But I personally don’t enjoy these “race tracks” that are on forge world. The scenery is abit dull, I like the regular ol’ BTB maps with checkpoints.

Also if you could have a glitched map that spawned turretless warthogs that would be awesome.

EDIT: This is why Forge whould of had civilian vehicles, Imagine the trucker races, OR “lorry dash”, Or “Forklift-ers” or even the reg two seather transport.

I see so much oppourtunity in Reach it just was never capatalised by Bungie, Maybe Bungie were just bored with Halo and just wanted it done with.