Race Playlist.

Please 343i, please.

I remember the days of Halo 1 PC playing race online in the hogs on Blood Gulch and it was a glorious thing. Granted I was a bit of a troll as I got sticky grenades and hid in the rocks by red teams cliffs, where I would stick and thus flip racers warthogs and then drive them off.

However I think Reach desperately needs this. It would simply be a playlist option under Community Playlists. (Where Grifball and MLG are.) We have plenty of excellent pre-forged race maps already, those done by G0DSR3GR3T are fantastic. It would not exclusively be forged maps, maps such as spire, boneyard, tempest, and breakpoint all have excellent default race layouts.

It would be a very enjoyable change of pace from all the shooting and I deffinately hold the opinion it needs its out playlist for two reasons. First off it has a unique play
style that isn’t competitive and isn’t entirely crazy like some playlists in Action Sack. Second for it to do well it would need atleast 10+ maps which would pop up to frequently in a playlist and would over saturate it.

I would highly suggest making it a 8 person playlist as most maps can hold that much and if you put it any higher some maps wouldn’t support it and would be too narrow but, would be enough that on a 16 person race track you wouldn’t feel alone.

So please 343i, the next time you do a playlist update consider adding in a race playlist it would mean a lot to us Halo 1 PC gamers and all other race fans.



It would be a great thing indeed :slight_smile:
Should fit right into action sack or a similar playlist since I assume race won’t have that many players, at all times.

As long as we wait for VIP to be back, it will be the best idea for something cool I have heard

> Second.

Third…? I agree raceing + challenges = good times + credits + fun moments

I still don’t understand why we haven’t had a community race playlist yet.

Having a race playlist would be sweet. I always seem to be downloading race maps but only playing them once or twice when I can successfully convince my friends to leave matchmaking for 10 minutes.

I don’t agree that racing gametypes should have their own dedicated playlist, however I do agree that some racing gametypes should be included in playlists such as action sack. That would be friggin’ sweet, not to mention totally possible to do with the playlist changes coming in the next few weeks. There’s PLENTY of awesome community racing maps to go around!