Race! II

Hello fellow members of Halo Waypoint! This is my new community creation! (I don’t know what it will be called yet though!)

I have come to ask everyone a single question… Do you like racing?

If so, please help me in having weekly race competitions. Here is how it goes…

  1. You sign up by sending me a message on Xbox LIVE. I will then write down your gamertag, send you a friend request and we shall get started.

  2. You will tell your friends and family of this and get them to sign up.

  3. The maximum number of racers I can have on one map is fifteen (15).

  4. We will have multiple maps to race on and everyone gets to race on every map for that week.

  5. Once I have everyone, I will assign fifteen people to a map.

  6. Those fifteen people groups will be called Rooks at first.

  7. Then I will get with each team and allow them to race a few practice laps to get familiar with the map.

  8. Every Friday will be the actual race. If you cannot be there, let me know.

  9. After the race, I will assign everyone to a division depending on what place they came in.

  10. I will begin editing the video ASAP.

  11. Each season will consist of six (6) normal competitions, three (3) Race-off competitions, and one (1) race tournament. A total of ten (10) races.

  12. By the end of the sixth competition, the divisions of 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place will compete against each other. That means that a maximum of five people can be in each of those divisions.

  13. At the end of those races, whoever is in first place in all three (3) divisions will compete against each other in the final race tournament.

  14. Whoever wins that final race… wins!!!

  15. Take a couple weeks of break, and then begin on the next season.

Whoever the final winner is, I will do something special for you. I don’t know what it will be yet, but I will write down your gamertag and I’ll think of something.

Also, I will require map makers too. So if anyone is interested in ANYTHING, let me know. I have plenty of maps for the first season, but if you wanna help, once again, let me know and you can begin.

Any questions?

Pretty cool idea. You should post this idea in the Recruiting thread to pull in more numbers! :smiley: I think i have a few people that mainly play race maps so i can give them a heads up!