Race Game Mode?

It kinda sucks that Race wasn’t included in the Hog Wild update, especially with the inclusion of the Rally Warthog. Hopefully we get it in the Warzone Firefight update and hopefully if its brought to matchmaking it doesn’t replace GrifBall, because if you watched the Memories of Reach live stream you might remember them mentioning that they might replace it.

Personally, I kinda hope it doesn’t come into matchmaking because if it were to I can see it being a temporary playlist. Also with the inclusion of the Rally Warthog I’d imagine that we’d be racing in Warthogs which are less frequently used in race maps.

What do you think should be used for Race? “Warthog” or “Mongoose”

Hog Wild wasn’t an Update it was a Req drop. All the things that would have made it an update were moved to June. I would be saddened if that didn’t include Race.

I think Mongoose, it was more fast paced and you were much more vulnerable to go flying out of the course area. Either way, I hope we get race at some point

343 has always struggled with the concept of a Race game mode. In Halo 4 they released an abomination of Race a year after launch that used CTF for scoring. By that time everyone was using the community made Race, which was far better than what 343 provided. No one used or cared about the CTF Race mode. In MCC they had terrible default settings which used the Civilian Hog by default, and it was more difficult to setup spawns and checkpoints. No one used their settings. The mongoose should definitely be the default vehicle. If they provided Race at launch we’d have to think about which to use but most race maps are already built for mongooses. We don’t even know if the Rally Hog will be available in forge.

They could easily implement a Race playlist or include it in some kind of Action Sack playlist and just use community maps.